Wax Amaryllis

Our Wax Amaryllis are our first value-added product, and it is the product of our constant effort to innovate and go one step further in the development of our company.
We have carefully selected the most appropriate varieties, the type of bulb and the most appropriate post-harvest treatments, to ensure perfect sprouting and flowering.
Our wax amaryllis are able to sprout and bloom without the need for planting or watering, since the flower buds, energy and necessary water are already inside our bulbs.
The bulbs are kept in dormant conditions thanks to a constant cold chain maintained from harvest until they reach the final retail shop.
Once the bulbs are left at room temperature, the sprouting process is triggered, and depending on the temperature and variety, flowering occurs between 4 and 5 weeks later.
Each flower stalk produces multiple flowers, and many of our larger bulbs are capable of producing 2 to 3 flower stalks, with a total flowering period of several weeks.
Once the flowering is finished it is possible to remove the wax coating, and plant and grow the bulb, just like any other amaryllis bulb.
The different coating colours and designs that we offer are grouped in our Collections, which are constantly renewed, based on the needs and preferences of our clients.
If you have a specific idea in mind, please get in contact and let us know. Our clients are our partners in design!



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